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The Hebrew Israelite Awards

May 19, 2018 in Memphis, TN

The Annual Hebrew Israelite Awards is an annual ceremony held to honor Hebrew Israelites worldwide for the Kingdom Work they put forth using their Yah given talents, such as in music and dance, spoken word, design, entrepreneurship, and more in an atmosphere of music and live entertainment, food and fellowship.

We choose to honor these Hebrews and encourage them to keep putting in the work for the Kingdom letting them know that their hard work and dedication is not going unnoticed.

Recap of the 2017 Hebrew Israelite Awards

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

2018 Voting Ballot

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Best Hebrew Hip-Hop Artist


Yahkiyn Maccabee


Yesha’Yahu (aka Isaiah)


Ahk Rydel

Best Shebrew Hip-Hop Artist


Ariela Yisrael

Hadassa Queen

Elisheba Israel & EzraYah

Best New Artist


Shamir Ahki


Best Hebrew Rap Group

4TH Tribe Static Addicts

Sons Of Light

Da Professional & ShoshonaYah

Real Judah

Jay and Zell Israel

Shamar Ahki

Best Hebrew R&B Artist

Yahkiyn Maccabee

Moshey Ben Yehuda




Prince David

Best Shebrew R&B Artist



Ariela Yisrael

NakiYah Yisrael

Best Hebrew Gospel Artist

Prince David

Sounds of Sinai

Ron Kenoly


Tshuwah Kodesh Choir

Best Shebrew Gospel Artist


NakiYah Yisrael


Best Hebrew Song of 2017

GT – “Home”

Push – “When We Cry”

4th Tribe Static Addicts – “Horses Bridle”

Sons of Light – “Don’t Let Me Fall”

Yahkiyn Maccabee – “Curses”

Yesha’Yahu – “$oul ft. Udiel”

Azar’yahu – “Covenant”

Judah 1 ft. Angel – “Created”

Best Shebrew Song of 2017

Shoshonayah – “Get It Right”

Ariela Yisrael – “Pick Up Your Cross”

Hadassa Queen – “Hell Yeah”

Odelyah – “Remember Oh Yah”

Most Talented Shortleg

Lil Prophet

Kodesh Bens of Yah

Hebrew Album/Mixtape of the Year

4th Tribe Static Addicts – “Year of the Push”

Ach Push (Ach Nagach) – “God’s Gift”

Amos – “Glass House”

Azar’yahu – “The Path”

Bra Wright – “Hardcore Gospel 2: O House of Israel”

Jay and Zell Israel – “Reborn”

Sons of Light – “Spiritual Agriculture”

Sounds of Sinai – “Sovereign”

Udiel – “No Procrastination”

WarriYah Melek (Yoel Melek) – “The Calling”

Yahkiyn Maccabee – “The Understanding”

Yesha’Yahu – “It Is Written”

Hebrew Spoken Word Artist

Abiyah (Indianapolis, IN)

Mayaki (U.S. Virgin Islands)

Dawid Yahuda aka Hajji Golightly (Atlanta, GA)

Ben Zion (Houston, TX)

Shebrew Spoken Word Artist

Davidiyah (Oklahoma City, OK)

Emah Raielyah (Staten Island, NY)

Odelyah (Atlanta, GA)

Best Collaboration

“Get Understanding” – Sons of Light ft. 4th Tribe Static Addicts

“Don’t Hate” – Da Professional ft. Shoshonayah

“Everybody Claiming Hebrew” – Moshe Ben Yahuda ft. John Boye

“Anytime” – Yahkiyn & Mariah Maccabee ft. Price David

Odelyah ft. Shoshonayah

“Tribal” – Peezee ft. John Boye

“$oul” Yesha’Yahu ft. Udiel

Best Video Producer

BHood Productions (St. Louis, MO)

Will E (Atlanta, GA)

Amina Yaqar (Tacoma, WA)

Best Hebrew Clothing Line

Mother and 7 Sons

Yahudah Style

Ahk Wear

Best Hebrew Photographer

Sister Felecia Cooley

Amir Yisrael

Best Hebrew Graphic Designer

Amariyah Yashra’al

Kingdom Preppers

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